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 At Belfast Castle having a Vape and doing the selfie thing!  Made a gorgeous dinner yesterday even if I say so myself, pork fillet with a beautiful lakeshore whole grain mustard creamy sauce and a bit of mash on the side, holy fuck yum! #avoca #nyoms #food #pork #dinner
 Up in Belfast tonight for @denisemcl69 Christmas party, should be a blast!  Happy world beard day hairy brothers!!! #worldbeardday #beard #beardday #silverfox #facialhair #beardsman
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McAWilliams is primarily a photoblog and has been around for about 9 years now. It was taken offline for the last few years when social sharing through Facebook, Twitter and instagram to name a few started to affect blogging in general. In my mind though the quality of photography also suffered because of this, and that is why I decided to bring my Photoblog at back to life, I hope you enjoy the site!


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