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 Gorgeous Liffey sunrise the other morning on route to work! Sometimes Dublin can look stunning even with all the cranes again on the skyline. . #dublin #dublinireland #dublinstagram #dublincity #visitdublin #lovindublin #discoverdublin #liffey #riverliffey #liffeyriver #sunrise #ireland #ireland_gram #ireland  Look at them putting u in the middle!!! #tuicelebrates #30years
 Sure what else would u do with some foam signage!!! #tuicelebrates #30years  It’s all about the blue tonight #tuicelebrates #30years
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Belfast Castle Flower Number 2

I did say there would be some flower photos, well this may the last one for this week. The Bloom Festival kicked off today and for the first time in years I may not be able to attend it, but honestly if you are stuck for something to do this weekend I would highly recommend getting to it if you can.


So this flower I loved and I took way to many pictures of it to be honest. But here it is at Belfast Castle.


Over the long weekend I shall also be posting about photo walking as I am trying to get that side of photography back up and running. Keep an eye out for the post!

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