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 Journeys end, for this morning anyhow. #dublin #docklands #lovindublin #instatravel #liffey  Beautiful sunrise just outside Banbridge while on the bus this morning, gorgeous frosty fields and cloud formations! #cloudscape #landscape #sunrise #frost #buslife
 Crossing the Boyle Valley, sunrise getting stronger and even more beautiful, gonna be another nice day. #sunrise #boyne #valley #buslife #landscape  So @denisemcl69 and myself got ourselves a new Christmas tree this year she was happy to go for a 6 foot tree but me being 6 foot 4 put my foot down and said way we need a 7.5 foot tree, it has now taken over the sitting room but it is lovely!
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Belfast Lough Shore

On a trip to Belfast recently enough I was brought to Lough Shore, it was a stunning day and in between taking pictures I had great fun skimming stones across the water. I actually managed to my best skim ever with at least 8 bounces!


Beautiful day, beautiful scenery and beautiful place for photo taking.

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