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 Gorgeous Liffey sunrise the other morning on route to work! Sometimes Dublin can look stunning even with all the cranes again on the skyline. . #dublin #dublinireland #dublinstagram #dublincity #visitdublin #lovindublin #discoverdublin #liffey #riverliffey #liffeyriver #sunrise #ireland #ireland_gram #ireland  Look at them putting u in the middle!!! #tuicelebrates #30years
 Sure what else would u do with some foam signage!!! #tuicelebrates #30years  It’s all about the blue tonight #tuicelebrates #30years
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Sitting on the dock of the bay In Carrickfergus

Something I have learnt over the last few years of taking photos is how much I love high contrast, high highlight images. I also have a love of dark photography and black and white. This annoys the hell out of an american friend of mine who finds my images are like my hair all grey and stuff. This image though totally needed it. I was for starters shooting into the sun, so the guys were  silhouetted against the sky, and black and white further helped make what was a boring ole photo much more dramatic.


This was taken when I went to Carrickfergus Castle, in the town of Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland. It is known to the locals as Carrick Castle even though my research shows Carrick Castle being in Scotland. Anyhow It is a fantastic spot and I have some great snaps of the castle which I shall be putting up in due course.

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