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Who Am I?


So you want to know a little more about me, are you mad?


I don’t know that much about me as it is, since I am constantly finding out new things about myself. One thing I can be certain of is my name … John Williams.


Why McAWilliams?


Thats a long story but the Mc A stands for Mc Ardle which is part of my name, not a double barrel name or anything, just something passed to all the Williams males in my family tree. Why just the males again I don’t know. There is this composer guy called John Williams too, that is not me. He kind of rules google in relation to my name cause he seems to be quite famous, so McA came in handy.


So are you bored yet, or do you want more?


Another thing I know about myself is that I am a sound engineer and company owner. This is my main love and I have been creating sound for over 26 years now. I also created a lot of noise I suppose on twitter for many years when no one knew about it, and hold the record for being the first person in Ireland to hit 50k tweets, that was a long time ago now.


So where does photography come into all of this?


Well many many years ago a good friend of mine from Norway offered me some webspace on his server, he also introduced me to the idea of photoblogging. When he saw my static page was, well basically, static, he thought it would be a good way for me to create a dynamic page and because the photos do the talking, no writing was needed. This was perfect for me and with that I went about creating a photoblog. The only problem I had was I had no camera.
So off I went and I bought a little Canon Ixus V2., a gorgeous little point and shoot type camera. I quickly realised this was not going to do the job so I moved up to a Canon Powershot G3. This was more a prosumer camera but again I found the fixed lens restrictive.


Then I made the leap to digital SLR land and bought myself a Canon 350d. Oh My God, what a difference that made. Suddenly my photos were exactly how I wanted them but again I wanted more pixels and stuff and progressed to my trusty Canon 40d which I still use to this day. I obviously needed lenses too and have bought an array of them over the last few years.


So what next


Rather then me blabbering on I recommend you link up me through any of the social stems below, that way at least I can talk to you then!