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In Dublins Fair City Is The Liffey

Ok so this whole water thing aint really working is it… hmmmmmm.


I am trying hard I really am but I do love taking pictures of water I apologise. Anyhow back to this photo of possibly one of the most photographed things in Dublin, The River Liffey. The Liffey runs though the heart of Dublin City and is what creates the Nothside of Dublin and the Southside but that is a story for another day. Its source actually does not even start in Dublin, but instead in Co Wicklow and flows through to Kildare before finally hitting Dublin. It supplies Dublin with a huge amount of it’s water too.


Another interesting fact is that even though the river is considered a Dublin thing the majority of its course actually is in Kildare. There are dams for three ESB Hydroelectric power stations along the river, at Poulaphouca, Golden Falls and Leixlip.

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